Monday, September 25, 2006


I have just read back through my last few posts and noticed all the typos. I'm sorry. :) That is what I get for trying to post, write, play with the kids, talk to my husband, and pacify the cat all at the same time.

I'm not the best speller or proofreader in the world, and am the first to admit it. Knowing that, I "normally" take care to review my writing several times before I have anyone else read it. Doesn't always help. So I thought I would share some proof reading tips! Maybe I'll get better if I follow them myself.

1. Read your page from right to left and bottom to top. This will prevent your mind from concentrating on the content and look at how each of the words are spelt.

2. Read your page out loud. Now I hate the sound of my voice as much as the next person, but reading your writing out loud helps to quickly identify any mistakes.

3. Use a ruler to help keep your eyes focused. Okay, this one doesn't work so well on a computer screen. But it's a great conversation starter if someone sees you.

4. Take a break. When we've just written something it is fresh in our minds. By giving yourself some time/space you'll find your mistakes easier.

5. Bug a friend! If you can, have someone else read your writing. They are more likely to pick up on your errors that you will.

Well, I hope that helps! It might not make my blog any better though. :)
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