Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 7

I thought I'd break away from the Christmas theme and show you some of my favorite YouTube videos. Enjoy!

Thirteen Things I like to watch on YouTube.

1. Evolution of Dance
2. Office Space Trailer. If the movie Office Space was recut as a thriller.
3. The Sound of Music. Again someone had recut the trailer to make it look like a thrill.
4. The Ring. Okay a reverse here. Someone makes a horror movie look like a heartwarming drama.
5. Free Hugs. This is very touching.
6. Numa Numa. No respectable YouTube list is complete without the Numa Numa dance.
7. Behind the scenes of Stargate. It's cute. I just like to see them all laugh. :)
8. Weird Al interview Kevin Fererline. LOLOLOL
9. William Shatner - I am Canadian.
10. Mike McDonald. His views on remote controls.
11. Mary Poppins. Yes another happy movie to be recut into a scary one. But very well done.
12. Ms. Dewey. Okay I'm cheating here. This isn't YouTube but rather a new search engine. She is very cool and I hope they come out with a Mr. Dewey!
13. Direct TV Ad. I know I posted this yesterday, but for those of you who missed it, it's worth looking at.

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