Monday, January 08, 2007

Plan of attack!

I had a brainstorm about how to fix a problem I was having with All Bottled Up last night. I was treating myself to reading Julianne MacLean's Surrender to a Scoundrel. I was trying to figure out what it was about published authors books that differed from my own. It then hit me that I don't normally have any subplots. Or at least very minimalistic sub plots.

In Bottled, I have a subplot of the heroine's friend winning the lottery. I was thinking it would be a good tie in if I wanted to write a second book. The problem is I never fully flushed out that storyline. Seems really obvious now, but until last night it never hit me. So as I tackle my revisions this week I now know what I need to do. Flesh out the subplot and make it have a direct impact on the main plot.

I feel so much better now. :)
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