Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 10

Over at the Drunk Writers site they've been posting what they feel have been the best and worst of 2006. I thought I'd jump on board and do my own list. So for this week's Thursday Thirteen we have...

Thirteen Things Christine Liked About 2006

Let's start with TV.

1. 24! I know not everyone loves this show, but season 5 was amazing. As I viewer I don't feel any character is safe and could be killed off at a moments notice. They've done it before - they'll do it again...

2. Heroes. What a great new show. I'll be curious to see if it has legs and will survive past this year. It will depend on how they wrap things up. but so far I'm hooked.

3. Dexter. I'm not as hard core as my husband, but I really enjoyed the episodes that I watched. I'm going to try and get caught up on the last few I haven't seen in the next week or so.

4. Season two of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Like many other fans out there I've been dying for this to come out on DVD. And what a wonderful Christmas present NBC gave me by releasing it right before Christmas.


5. Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada. I moved this summer from Ontario to Nova Scotia. I knew there was a RWA group, but you've never sure how you'll fit in. This group of ladies and gentlemen are fabulous. While I miss my friends in the Toronto group, I feel right at home here now. :)

6. Blogging. Who knew that this would become such a fun (and addictive) pastime. It keeps me honest when it comes to my writing and keeps my creative juices flowing.

7. All bottled Up. Writing this story was an amazing experience. Not only was I able to win NANO as a result of it, but everything seemed to click together for me. I'm very anxious to finish cleaning this up and start sending it out.

8. Chasing Phoenix. This is a quickie I wrote over Christmas. It's the shortest story I've ever written at 14,000 words. This was another story that seemed to come out of nowhere and turned out really well. I'll be sending this one off to a few places in the next week or two.


10. My 10th Wedding Anniversary. I'm still in shock that we've been married for ten years. It still feels like it just happened. Love's great!

11. First tooth. Ironically enough, both my daughters each lost their first tooth this year. My youngest slipped and fell on the ice and had her front one knocked out (she was okay other than the tooth), and my oldest lost her first one (with on help). My babies are growing up.

12. Closer to home. I've been lucky with my job that it's given me an opportunity to move closer to home. Now we are able to see our family on a more regular basis. It's been wonderful.

13. Confidence. Things have been going really well for me and my family. I feel really blessed that we are all happy and healthy. I think this has given me the confidence I've needed to pursue my dream of getting published. 2006 was a great year for me and I hope I'm just as lucky in 2007!

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