Sunday, August 20, 2006

Science Fiction and Romance

I usually get some strange looks from people when I tell them what I write. You'd think that erotic science fiction romance would be a common thing! I've loved sci fi longer than I've loved romance novels. There was something wonderful about being transported to exotic locations where anything could happen. I've eagerly tuned into every new sci fi TV show out there, waiting for the thrill that I usually get from watching the characters trying to figure out some alien device while trying to escape danger.

And of course fall in love...

It wasn't until later that I realized one of the things that attracted me to sci fi, television shows in particular, was the sexual tension that seemed to be laced throughout the shows. And I'm not talking Captain Kirk and some green alien either. Over the next little while I'm going to explore what I consider some of the greatest on-screen pairings when it comes to sexual tension and unrequited love. I'd love to hear what you think!

To start us off, let take a quick look at...

Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher

He loves her, she loves him...but boy do they have history. He feels responsible for the death of her husband. She is under his command and knows that they can't truly have a relationship. The sexual tension was placed early on in the series, but wasn't truly explored until the last few years of the show. The looks across the breakfast table, on away missions, when another love interest came into play made everyone realize that these two should be together, but probably never will.

My husband absolutely loved Beverly. I knew that if she ever came along and made him an offer, I was out of luck. Good thing she never did. *grin*


Maureen McGowan said...

Christine! Welcome to blogland.

I think sci fi and erotica are a perfect mix... You can have characters behave however you want (ignore out societies norms) and hey, you can do that physically, too. Hot!

And have you seen Firefly? The sexual tension between Mal and Inara is astounding, especially in the earlier episodes where it's more subtle. Sinead turned me onto that series and I love, love, love it.

Unknown said...

Hi Maureen!

Firefly is a wonderful show. I watched it on DVD long after it had run on TV and I still cried when I realized it was cancelled. The relationship between Mal and Inara was very well done and I loved the subtil nature of the attraction between them. Especially the episode where she kissed him when he'd passed out from a drug. So funny!