Monday, August 21, 2006

Sexual Tension in Space

Stargate SG1

While I love sci fi TV, I have to admit I've missed a few great shows over the years that I'm just getting caught up on now. One of those shows is Stargate SG1. Wow. We are only on season six, but the sexual tension between Jack O'Neill (that's two l's), and Samantha Carter is AWESOME. I mean, it's Richard Dean Anderson. I've been in love with him since I first saw MacGyver. There is an episode in season four that sums up their relationship. Jack and Sam serve together, he being her superior officer. The are on a mission and get trapped on either side of a force field. He can escape, she is trapped. When she tells him to go, he yells no and then they simply look at each other. An entire script of words couldn't have spoke more clearly than that look. They are in love with each other but there is no way they can make it work and still be on the team together. However, Jack won't leave Sam to die alone.

It's all good - you can come hang out with me Jack.

Battlestar Galatica

Starbuck is a girl! All I can say is awesome. With the updating of the series they did something that I think was an excellent move - changing the gender of some of the main characters. Look at the added dimensions that they can now explore. And Katie is an excellent actress who can smoke a cigar with the best of them. With this change, not only are Apollo and Starbuck friends, they are potential lovers. And that can bring all sorts of fun. :)


Unknown said...

Perhaps you have not heard... STARGATE is history.
As someone commented on my blog, (comment directed toward SciFi Channel) "Don't let the 'Gate hit ya where the system lords split ya!"

Unknown said...

Hello Dave, thanks for stopping by!

I hadn't heard that Stargate was history. As I said, I'm only watching it on DVD right now. If that's the case, then it has had an impressive run. It's a shame they don't give more sci fi shows the time to develop like they have with this one. If they did we might escape from mind numbing reality TV!

Molly O'Keefe said...

I have resisted sci-fi television with great success so far -- but it looks like I am about to get sucked into the Firefly sereis via DVD. I guess it's inevitable. Great Blog Christine!

Unknown said...

Hi Molly!

You'll love Firefly. I still can't believe they cancelled it. Wash is a great character. And Mal's an excellent blend of smart-ass and hero.