Saturday, September 23, 2006


I'm very luck to be a part of two absolutely wonderful writing groups. Having recently moved and joined the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada (RWAC), I've been granted the opportunity to join their Goals loop. The idea is to set a writing goal for yourself for the week, tell the group, then try and live up to it. I thought this would be a great way for me to buckle down and get some serious writing done.

It hurts.

I set a goal of 15 pages for the week. So far I've written 4.5 and only have until tomorrow to try and meet my goal. It's not looking good. I know having the goal and outside accountability is important, especially for someone like me. I was the kid in school in wrote the 20 page essay the night before it was due. It looks like I haven't changed much :).

It's interesting to come to the realization that I haven't changed my writing habits much since those days. As a writer, I need deadlines and hard goals to keep me focused and motivated. Every insight we get about ourselves as writers, gets us one step closer to becoming a better writer.

That said...I need to get some pages written. :)


Cathryn Fox said...

Hi Christine, welcome to the goals group. It's nice to have you with us!

Unknown said...

Thanks Cathryn!

It's probably the best thing I could have done for myself. Nothing like a little external motivation to keep you going!

Kelly Boyce said...

Welcome to the goals loop, where if you actually meet your goal, Paula will tell you that you suck. It's what we all aspire to.

Unknown said...

Woot! I love the loving abuse of fellow writers. I think I'll fit right in. :)