Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Book Review - Broken

On my flight back from Toronto on the weekend, I was able to finish reading Kelley Armstrong's book Broken. I think I bought this the week it came out, but have been holding on to it. I tend to read her books quickly and hate it when I don't have anything else to read.

Broken returns us to the character of Elena, the lone female werewolf of "the pack". This time Elena, Clay, and Jeremy find themselves on the train of Jack the Ripper. To make matters much more complicated, Elena is pregnant and not up to her normal wolfish self.

I don't want to risk ruining the book for anyone, but I have to say it was excellent. We have the return of a few other characters, in particular Jaime, and we can see how their very presence is changing how the members of the pack deal with the outside Otherworld community. The relationship between Elena and Clay has evolved, but isn't any less complex than before. The mystery kept me guessing, but it is Kelley's use of the first person narrative that kept me reading.

I give it five out of five claw marks.

The only downside to reading Broken is I now have to wait until May for the next Otherworld book. The next one will centre around Jaime and Jeremy. I can't wait!!

If you're not familiar with Kelley's Otherworld series, check out her website.

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