Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I've learnedfrom TV shows

1. 24 - I've learned that the is nothing more powerful than a well done hook (and Jack Bauer).

2. Battlestar Galatica (new) - I've learned that it doesn't matter if your setting is in outer space, if you don't have a compelling story, you won't succeed (and trust me, they have a compelling story).

3. Stargate: SG1 - I've learned that subtly and humor are powerful writing tools when used effectively. (and MacGyver is still hot).

4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - I've learning that there isn't a detail that is too small not to spend time on (and if you don't pick up on it, your readers certainly will).

5. Heroes - I've learned that even if you don't have a lot of plot, if your characters are interesting you're story won't fall flat (save the cheerleader).

6. Firefly - Take an old idea and place it in a completely new setting (cowboys in space - brilliant).

7. Dexter - That even your villain has an interesting story to tell. Let them tell it! (Damn the Drunk Writers board for this one - now I'm hooked).

8. Babylon 5 - Your story arc is important. Make sure you know where you are going so you can tie all the elements together (one of the best series endings ever).

9. Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Chemistry between your hero and heroin is key (love Vincent!)

10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Never underestimate the power of a character's name (this show was brilliant for use of names).

11. Doctor Who - sometimes what starts off as a simple, or well used idea, can blossom into an amazing adventure with twists you never expected (new series is great fun)

12. Numbers - think outside the box (who ever thought math could be portrayed as cool).

13. Any soap opera known to man - when things start to get stale, add a twist (aliens, the devil, super heroes, they've done it all).

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