Friday, November 17, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 17

The laptop lay silent on the coffee table - waiting. In the distance, the sound of an alarm gently playing James Blunt stired the aspiring author to life. The laptop got excited. Would she come out now and power it up? Then the one sound that the laptop dreaded more than any other echoed down the hall - the snooze button. What's this? She's not getting up? The laptop let the built up power stored in it's batter discharge slowly.

Okay, that's all the creative juices I have left in me. I'm officially on vacation after a very long stretch at work. To celebrate, I've decided to take today off from writing. I'm at a decent word count for NaNo, so I feel no guilt about doing this. I'll get back at it tomorrow and most likely finish the story this weekend. I'll then spend most of my week off working on plugging the plot holes that I know are there. :)

Happy Friday everyone!!
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