Monday, December 04, 2006

Forward Progress

This past week didn't go the way I'd hoped for writing. Yesterday though, I feel like I got back on track. I met with my friend Renee and she gave me some great advice regarding my first chapter of All Bottled Up. I've cut it down and combined it with the first part of chapter two. Things are now flowing better and the pace moved quite a bit faster than it did before.

I also have a new idea for an ending. I wasn't really happy with it before, but it was NaNo, so I didn't want to question it too much. Now, I have a great new idea to end the book, and I have some things I want to put into the middle to beef it up.

I'm excited again!!

I finished the second draft for chapters 1-7, but will need to go back again now to add in the extra things I thought of yesterday. I'm hoping to get the second draft done in the next two weeks. Once Christmas hits, I'll be too busy to sit down and thing of new plot elements.

(I had a cute picture of Snoopy, but Blogger doesn't want to add pictures today *sigh*)
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