Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I opened my big mouth

Here in Nova Scotia, we didn't have any snow up until yesterday. I kept telling people I wished it would snow. It didn't feel like December without a little snow. Well someone listened. We got dumped on yesterday and what a nightmare.

I wasn't driving my minivan, but instead had my father-in-law's Saturn. It's a standard, which isn't bad for snow packed conditions. The problem was, so much snow fell, and the car was so low to the ground, I got stuck. That wasn't as bad as when I caught a snow drift on the highway and spun out in the middle of traffic. How I didn't get hit, I'm still not sure.

The good news is I made it home in one piece. The car was fine.

On the writing front, I managed to finish up the edits to chapter one and two of my WIP. I think the pace is much better now and it leaves me room to expand in later chapters. I'm hoping I'll be able to work on chapter three today at lunch.
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