Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brought to you by the letter L

SciFi Chick Angela had a great meme that she passed along to me. The idea is to have someone give you a letter and then you need to post ten things that you like which start with that letter. Angela gave me the letter L, so here we go!

Love - I've always been a big romantic. Love stories are fun and wonderful. They show that there is hope in the world and that if you work hard enough at something, you can make it happen. As silly as it may sound, we do need more love in the world. :)

Lettuce - I don't know why, but I could eat an entire head of lettuce if you put it down in front of me. Not as a huge salad, but rather pick at it leaf by leaf. I just love the stuff. Mind you, I still haven't lost any weight...

Licorice - ...probably because I love licorice just as much. I don't even have a preference between red and black. I could eat an entire 2lb bag of this stuff. :)

Lions - I'm a cat person. I love the idea of a huge cat that I could curl up with on my couch while I'm watching TV. As long as it didn't eat my licorice we'd get along just fine.

Lemonade - one of my favourite drinks in the summer. I prefer the pink variety, but I'd never say no to the traditional. I also love mixing it with ginger ail and cranberry juice to make a great punch. Yummy!

Life - I feel that I've been so lucky with my life, that I'm so thankful for everything. I have two great daughters and a husband who I'm crazy about. I'm in good healthy and have a job I enjoy. You can't ask for much more.

Llama - There's just something about this word I like. It kind of rolls off the tongue. Llama...

Lolly pops - The best ones are the free ones that restaurants give you after supper. Because they're free. And they keep my girls quiet. :)

Listening - I like to think I'm a good listener. I try to give who every is talking to me my undivided attention. This can be challenging sometimes but I think it's worth it in the end.

Looking - I could spend hours just browsing around, looking at different things. Stores, parks, malls, it doesn't matter. I love looking at the details of things and seeing how they all connect.

Well that's my ten. If you would like a letter of your own, leave me a note in my comments section and I'll give you one. :)


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Too fun.
I love licorice too. And on any road trip, my mom has influenced me to always have some on hand.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Oh, and I thought for sure you'd go with the easy one.. Literature!

Kelly Boyce said...

Great list!

I love a good meme - send me a letter!

Unknown said...

LOL I didn't even think of Literature. That should definately be on my list!

You got it Kelly - you're letter is M.

Vicky said...

I like your list Christine - the only thing missing from it is a Latte! :)

Angela - you are hillarious with these letters! I bet someone could give you the x, y, z's and you could come up with a list! :)

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Vicky, I'll do that on days that I have nothing to blog about. LOL

Amy Ruttan said...

I could so see the Lion and the Licrorice. LOL.

You had a great letter. Vicky got E I'm anxious to see her list of ten.

Robyn Mills said...

Great list I also love licorice