Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures from my trip

I tried to post these last night but Blogger didn't like me and I couldn't get logged in. I hope you enjoy them!

The first one is a picture of fellow bloggers Amy and Vicky. It was so wonderful to get to meet you both in person. And you're right Amy, our blogger pictures don't do us justice. I'm going to change mine this weekend. :)

This is a picture of myself and Amy.

Here we have Kim Howe. Kim is a finalist in the American Title III contest. We haven't heard about the next round yet, but I'm sure Kim will make it!

Here I am with the very funny and charming Margaret Moore. Margaret gave an amazing presentation on Romance 101 and Goosing your Muse. I was psyched after her chat.

And there we have it! I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)


Vicky said...
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Vicky said...

Look at all those smiles!

We all look so happy. Could it be that we're part of an amazing group. Hmm.

And yeah, you and Amy really do look different in person. I'm very curious and excited to see what your new picture will look like. :) (I just wanted to add a happy face.) :)

Amy Ruttan said...

AAAAAHHHHH! I can't stand the pictures of myself!!!

No, kidding they are great pictures! Again it was so great to meet you face to face, and Margaret's talk was awesome. Can you send me the one with you and the one with me and Vicky. I'd love to post them on my website and have them for myself.

Unknown said...

You got it Amy!

I actually need to get my hair done. I'm thinking of getting it cut short, but am a bit chicken.

Maureen McGowan said...

I'm so glad I stayed away from your camera :-) Had wicked allergies on Saturday.

And I love your blogger ID photo! Really shows your personality. Now, you might want to get a more professional pubicity photo taken for a website, too... But I love your blogger one :-)

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Great photos!
Looks like fun!

Wylie Kinson said...

Oh, sure... make me more jealous that I couldn't stay :(

OMG - Christine - I totally saw you walk in to the lecture and didn't know it was you!!
I was sitting in the aisle in the second row so you walked right past me. (oh - and I wasn't thinking "How rude for showing up so late!" at all!! *chuckle*)

And hair grows. Be daring.

Unknown said...

LOL Wylie!! I had permission remember. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. :) Looks like a MAHvelous time was had by all!