Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So tired

Well I only got a few words written yesterday, but I was able to finish up the revisions on my chapter and can finally move onto the next one. I realized I really sped up the time line in the last half of the book. I could easily add another chapter to the story, but I think I'll hold off for now. When I make my third pass through I'll see if it needs it.

I also forgot about jet lag. My character travels from NS to Mexico and back and then goes to work the very next day. Now in my world of work, this would be the case unless I took an extra day vacation. But now I'm going to give her a day to recover before she has to "face the music". This is where I could add a chapter, but I don't want to slow the pacing down.

On a side note, Monday is now my favourite TV night. Starting at 8 pm I get to watch Heroes (and WOOT Christopher Eccleston joined the cast!), 9 pm Doctor Who, and 10 pm 24. Three hours of some of my favourite shows. However, I paid the price by not having slept well and being woken up by a sick daughter. I could crawl back into bed right now.
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