Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A stumble...but not a fall

Okay so 6am came and went this morning. My alarm went off, but when I opened my eyes to turn it off I discovered I had a headache. I promptly rolled over and snuggled with my hubby instead. That doesn't mean I'm off the hook though. I plan on shutting my office door at lunch (and I'm really going to shut it this time) and get a solid hour of writing done. Then to make up for my missing hour this morning, I'll have to write for a while after supper.

I'm about half way through the new chapter that I wanted to add to All Bottled Up. I'm using it to show my heroine's self doubt, so I want to make sure it comes across okay. I'm finding this very slow going, probably because I'm scared I'm screwing up the pacing of the story. I need to get it finished so I can read through the whole thing.

My goal is to be completely finished my revisions for this manuscript by the end of January so I can start sending out queries in February. There's not a lot to do, so I need to keep focused and push back the new story ideas that keep popping into my head. :)
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