Friday, January 12, 2007

Thousand Miles a Minute

So today I got some more good news. Not "OMG I sold a book" good, but good. The ulcer I thought I had turned out to be acid reflux. The doctor gave me some pills and they are starting to kick in already. As I'll be gone on a business trip for the next week, I'm glad to have them. It will make eating out less painful.

I didn't write a word yesterday (too busy celebrating), but I'll be getting back at it today. I'm going to get the edits I'd written for Bottled Up on paper into the computer and onto my memory stick for the trip. I know I'll be up extra early in the mornings so I'll have lots of time to write. I'm also going to try and get some done in the evenings too. I hate being alone at night, so this will help.

I'm really motivated now to get Bottled Up finished so I can get back to Perfect Match. Now that I've had some time away from Match, I think I know what the problem was. I'll be able to fix it up and get it ready to go off to.


Amy Ruttan said...

That's so good that it's not an ulcer. I had sever acid reflux when I was pregnant, and there was nothing I could take but Tums. Thankfully, mine went away after birth. I'm glad that the pills relieved the pain quickly.

Robyn Mills said...

Christine, Mega Congratulations and buckets of flowers coming your way. That is fabulous news about the book, (also about the non-ulcer)!!!!
Just back from Down Under Fab time ready to go again. Robyn