Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alpha Males Part 2

I had read and enjoyed the Lord of the Rings books long before the movie came out. Aragon is a wonderfully heroic character, full of dark secretes and determination. The movie version of the character added the romantic element to the character, which I personally feel gave him great depth. When he accepts his call to the quest, we can see each of the qualities of the alpha tested. His personal sacrifices and unwillingness to give up, no matter the odds made us want to cheer for him every step of the way. He will always be a favourite of mine.

And then there's Jack. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a freak for Stargate: SG1. One of the reasons I love the show is Jack. He makes me laugh :). He's also another great example of the alpha. He is the first to walk in to danger, especially if it means the lives of his team will be safe. Jack's weapon is his sarcastic humor. He hides his feelings deep down, knowing that to be a leader in their galactic war, his love life comes last. Of course, we love him all the more for that. If you haven't watched Stargate, consider picking it up on DVD. It is very reasonably priced and you can watch his character evolved over the years.


Kelly Boyce said...

Och! MacGyver! Ooohhh I had such a crush. I really need to check this show out.

Unknown said...

He is in top form in this show. Love, love, love the character. I bought all the seasons, and am anxiously waiting for Season 9 to come out tomorrow. Highly recommend it!

Maureen McGowan said...

One word. Viggo. Says it all.

But he often plays beta guys... Think, A Walk on the Moon. LOVED him in that... But he didn't get the girl in the end, I guess, did he.