Sunday, September 17, 2006

Planes, Cars, and Weird Al

I'm back!

I'm not a fan of flying. There's something unnatural about a bunch of people piling into a tin can and throwing it 35000 feet into the air.


The one good thing about flying is that I need to distract myself. On the way to Toronto, I managed to write seven pages of my current WIP. I didn't stop! It was wonderful and I solved many problems that I was having with my story. I'm ready to barrel through the rest of the manuscript now. I'm going to disappear into the laundry room, do my laundry and write. Odd I know, but I do what I can.

While I was on my business trip I got to drive a PT Cruiser. Now I'm not a big one for cars. If it gets me to where I need to go, then awesome. But I have to say...I liked this car. It was zippy! Driving a rental that was zippy on the 401 between Waterloo and Toronto, well, lets just say I'm glad it was 5 am when I was on the road. No RCMP to check up on me :). I think the next story I write will have a white PT Cruiser in it.

Just a note on Weird Al. He has a new CD coming out shortly. The man is brilliant! Yes, I said it - Weird Al is brilliant. He has an amazing singing voice, and his lyrics are so perfectly written, I shake my head in amazement. If you haven't heard his new songs, go check out his site. He has free songs and the lyrics posted for all to see.
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