Monday, October 23, 2006

And the train came out of nowhere!

That's what it felt like! Basically, this past week was a hard one for me writing wise. I barely squeaked out four pages. Mind you there was a lot going on at work, and I had a birthday party to plan for, so four pages is pretty good.

I was a bit down on myself for not writing more, but any forward progress is good. This week I've set my sights a bit lower and hope to get ten pages done. So far, I've written three, so this feels better already.

On another note, my fellow TRW member Kimberley Howe is in the American Title III contest. Here is her line:

Drunken oblivion couldn't erase the day Kenya had traded one life for another, and traded badly.

I love this line! Kim could use your support. If you like this line, send in your vote. All of the entries can be found here.

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