Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love Monday nights!

So me and Monday's don't usually get along. But things are much better these past few weeks now that I have something to look forward to watching on TV. Doctor Who followed up with Heroes. Awesome.

Now I loved the first season of the new Doctor that aired last year. LOVED Christopher Eccleston - or in love, still not quite sure. He brought back a lot of great memories I had as a kid watching Doctor Who on PBS Saturday afternoons. Tom Baker was my favorite, but he's been nudged over by Christopher.

I wasn't sure how I'd react to the new Doctor, David Tennant. Well I can say he's won me over. God love them, they both have amazing smiles. The stories are always well written and comment of the state of our current society as seen through the Doctor and other aliens who visit Earth.

And what can I say about Heroes that hasn't been said already. One of the best shows on TV this year by far. The interactions between the characters is starting to close in as more and more of the main characters meet. The promise that something cool is going to happen once we get all these people together is huge. I just hope they live up to it. I also had fears that it might get cancelled, but after reading this article, I'm not worried anymore. :)

On the writing side of my life, I've managed to get four pages written today. As much as I managed all last week. I'm in the middle of chapter ten and need to start wrapping some things up. I'm going to push through with my external plot and tie up the loose ends of the internal character growth with the second draft.


Kelly Boyce said...

Everyone keeps talking about this Doctor Who - I am going to have to check this out.

And as of this weekend's marathon of Heroes, I'm not officially addicted.

Unknown said...

Heroes is a great TV show, partly because of the characters, and partly because of the hooks they used. I love the fact they present it like a novel. I have picked up a few tips for my own writing. :)

Of course I still think 24 holds the record for the best hooks from episode to episode. Plus, it has Kiefer.