Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 21

And then I tried to revise.

I don't normally have any issues when I sit down to revise my manuscripts. I know where I need to beef things up. I can see where I need to change the word choice around to help with the flow. Normally I love this part of writing. It's very rewarding when I'm able to polish things up till they sparkle.

But not this time.

I think it's because things are so fresh in my mind with this NaNo story. I'm having a hard time with my edits. Where I could sit down and write for 2 hours and get lots written, now I can't sit for 15 minutes. I hasn't helped that my oldest daughter was sick today. I plan on taking tonight off and starting fresh tomorrow. I'd still like to get through as much as possible while I'm off this week.

Keep moving forward. :)
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