Friday, November 24, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day 24

Blah. I've just spent most of today working my way through my revisions for my genie story. It's sad at the amount of typos I've picked up, and even sadder the amount I've missed. My husband acts as my second eyes and is much better at finding those mistakes than I am.

It can be a bit discouraging when I'm supposed to be the writer in the family, but I can't see the obvious errors in my writing. I'm going to have to start reading my story out loud. The only problem with that are my children. There's something wrong about saying some of "those words" in my living room when my children are downstairs watching TV.

The good news is that I've almost made it to the 60k word mark with this story. I was hoping it would be a lot longer than it is, but so far no luck. I'm hoping it doesn't pose too many problems when it comes time to shop it around to publishers. Still, I have lots of revising to do, so there's still time to add. :)

And a special treat for Friday - Vin Diesel!

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Amy Ruttan said...

Don't worry, you'll get past 60K, I love your story. Especially the popsicle bit!! I'm going to lose a couple of K when I chop the prologue and I didn't even hit 60.

Have a great weekend.