Saturday, November 04, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 4 - Burning Up

Literally! My left wrist was causing me grief today, which meant I couldn't type as fast as normal. Plus, I was doing a lot of running around this morning, so I wasn't able to start writing until this afternoon. With my wrist brace on, I still managed to get 3000 words today. Not as much as I originally hoped for, but I'm still happy none the less. With that word count, I've officially crossed the 10,00 word mark.

My goal for tomorrow is to get another 3000 words early in the day, then have a break. :)

Edit: I was browsing the Thursday Thirteen links and came across Lady Jane's blog. She had a link to Josh Groban's song Awake, and I thought I would share it. If you haven't heard Josh sing, do yourself a favor and check this out!


Cathryn Fox said...

Yay, Christine, you're on a roll. Watch that wrist though. Try icing it when it gets sore like that.

Unknown said...

Thanks Carhtyn, I will. I actually have a wrist brace that I put on when I go too crazy. That comes out right around the time my husband turns into my mom and tells me to take a break. :)

He's very cute!