Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NaNoWriMo Day 8 - Milestone!

To quote one of my favorite characters from Heroes - I did it!!!

When I started writing my book at the beginning of NaNo last week, there was no way I thought I'd reach the 20,000 word mark in such a short time. When I realized that I was so close today, I promised myself I wouldn't stop writing today until I hit it. Well, I am very proud to say that I've done it. I'm totally blown away.

If nothing else comes from my experience with NaNo this year, I now know that I have it in me to produce a large quantity of writing in a short time, while managing the rest of my life. Now, whether or not it is quality writing is another matter all together. But as Margaret Moore commented the other day on her blog, things are never perfect the first time. I can fix any manuscript once it's been written. The challenge is writing it in the first place.

I'm also adding a picture of the man who's inspired my hero in this story, Cliff Simon. He's a regular on Stargate: SG1, playing one of the bad guys, Ba'al. He's got an amazing accent that I could listen to all day. :)

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