Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Concerts

No post yesterday because my life was insane. However, I did get to go to my daughter's Christmas concert last night. I wanted to cry they were all so sweet. I kept looking around at all of the parents sitting in the audience and thinking how old everyone looked. Now I'm not sure if I also look that old (eek) or if we had our children eariler than everyone else. I hope it's the latter.

On the writing front, I'm still working my way through chapter 5 of my revisions. I've side tracked myself a bit as a novella idea has popped into my head. I figured it will only be around 15k, so I can work on that when I start to get burned out on editing. Right now my hero is sitting in a chair blindfolded while the heroine is telling him naughty stories. And good times were had by all!

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Amy Ruttan said...

I hope it's just that we had kids earlier, Christine. I feel the same way. When I was at playgroup I was the youngest mom there.

Blindfolded and naughty stories sounds like fun.