Monday, December 11, 2006

MG Braden tagged me for this fun get to know here we go!

Four jobs I've had:
1. English/Business teacher at Fredericton High School (largest high school in Canada).
2. Training Design Specialist for an insurance company
3. Research Assistant for Distance Education for the University of New Brunswick.
4. Technical Trainer for RIM.

Four places I've lived:
1. Fredericton, NB
2. Virginia Beach, Virginia
3. Waterloo, ON
4. Halifax, NS

Four favorite foods:
1. Chinese Food
2. Lobster
3. Chocolate
4.'s a food!!

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. The Empire Strikes Back (I'm a geek)
2. Moulin Rouge
3. The Phantom of the Opera
4. Dogeball (cracks me up everytime)

Four TV shows I enjoy:
1. Law & Order: Criminal Intent
2. CSI, CSI: New York, Criminal Minds
3. Heroes, Doctor Who
4. Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis
(yes I know I cheated, but there are too many :))

Four places I've traveled:
1. London, England
2. Tortola, BVI
3. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
4. Montreal, Canada

Four places I'd like to visit:
1. Scotland
2. Rome
3. Australia
4. Las Vegas

Four websites I go to daily:
1. IMDB (daily dose of entertainment)
2. I-Mockery (cause I need my daily dose of silly)
3. CBC (daily dose of news)
4. YouTube

I'm going to tag Amy, Angela, and Wylie.:)


Wylie Kinson said...

Oooooooh! - Thanks for the tag Christine!! I'll post mine tomorrow.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

When I read Halifax, I immediately thought: Anne of Green Gables! I want to visit up there sometime!

I've been to Scotland, and it was beautiful (even though I was working and sick almost the whole time).

Unknown said...

Come for a visit and I'll show you around. :)

But come when it's warm...

Wylie, you're welcome. :)

Robyn Mills said...

I love the Star Wars movies too. Would also love to go to Scotland - my husband's family has a castle there somewhere (CLooney Castle if I remember correctly) My Irish ancestors will probably jump off my shoulder and haunt the place. DU is awesome... I'd love to go to Malta.

Amy Ruttan said...

Thanks for the tag, at a loss for a post. Of course I love Eastern Canada, the only side of Canada I have seen, and why because of Anne of Green Gables and The Rankins.

Michelle said...

Virginia? How was living there? I think I'd like it there.

I love Star Wars movies too!

Unknown said...

Virginia was awesome! I ran my air conditioner until late November. Of course everyone thought we were crazy. But it was hot!! The beaches and the people were fab. I miss it in January.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

I know I've done this one before, but I guess it was an email forward.. I'll have to post it later..
Unless you meant another Angela..

Unknown said...

I mean you :). I'll have to use Sci Fi Chick next time. ;)

No worries if you've already done it. More for fun. :)

Angela/SciFiChick said...

abtw, I couldn't sign in just using blogger.. I had to sign up for a google account.
it's this blogger beta.. your's wasn't the only one I had trouble with.