Friday, December 29, 2006

Finding time

Today has been pretty crazy in my house. I've been struggling to find an hour where I can sit down by myself and get some writing done. I did managed to get about an hour of (relatively) uninterrupted time this afternoon. I was able to write about a thousand words and tweak two chapters. Once my kids go to bed tonight I'm hoping to get another thousand done and most of another chapter.

This new story has been really fun to write. Abbey and Michael have proven themselves entertaining foils for each other. This is also the first novella I've written and find the short word count to be an interesting challenge. We'll see how it ends up looking.

I think if I get it finished to my satisfaction I'll be sending it off to Samhain and Red Sage. And depending of if I hear from EC in the near future, I may hold on to it for them. Only time (and some planning) will tell. :)
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