Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 8

I know this will be a popular theme for the this week's Thursday Thirteen, but I wanted to get this written out. There's something "official" when you write your goals down for the upcoming year. I'm going to focus on my writing goals for 2007.

Thirteen Writing Goals for 2007!

1. To get published. Lets get the obvious one out of the way. :)
2. To write consistently every day for one hour. If I get more time then great, but I'm more concerned with actually setting a writing hour and sticking to it.
3. To read five writing craft books. No matter how good (or bad) I think I am at anything, there's always room for improvement. It's also a good way of keeping my mind fresh.
4. To read two new releases a month. As Stephen King said, writers need to do two things: write and read. It's important to see how other writers handle dialogue, settings, etc.
5. To finish the second draft of All Bottled Up.
6. To finish the second draft of Summer Theatre (novella).
7. To plot and finish the follow up manuscript to All Bottled Up.
8. To finish the first draft of Perfect Match.
9. If Ellora's Cave doesn't buy The Bond that Ties Us, to send out partials to at least three publishing houses.
10. To query at least three agents this year. This will be uncharted territory for me, so we'll see how I make out.
11. To send All Bottled Up to at least three publishers.
12. To send Summer Theatre to at least one publisher.
13. To blog at least five times a week.

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