Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anyone been to Cozumel?

I've been working on the second draft to All Bottled Up. It's been going well for the most part. One thing I still feel is missing is a bit of the atmosphere of my island setting. After talking to a friend of mine last night who has been to Cozumel, I have some great details that I'm going to try working into the story. Has anyone else been there? What details would you want to see about the island worked into a book? I'd hate for someone who's been to the island to read the book and say, "Geez, she obviously hasn't been to the island or else she would have talked about....blah"

Of course, I could always plan a fact finding trip...

On a personal note my business trip is done today. I fly home to NS after supper tonight and I'll be sleeping in my own bed. Unfortunately, this means I'll be missing Criminal Minds tonight. :(
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