Monday, January 15, 2007

Jack is Back!

Did I mention I love 24??

The season premier started last night. Very engaging and certainly didn't feel like two hours. It flew by and I can't wait to see the second two hours tonight. I love the little changes they've made to his character this season, things I can already see. He doesn't make eye contact they same way he did before. And his lack of confidence in his own Based on what I saw last night I think this is going to be another excellent season.

As a writer, I'm interested to see they types of plot twists they are going to throw in, and they hooks they are going to use. This show really knows how to hook you from episode to episode.

The season premier was delayed due to a very intense Patriots vs. Chargers game. And my team WON!!!! I didn't think they were going to be able to pull it off, but it came down to a field goal. I was dancing around my hotel room. :)


Kelly Boyce said...

The whole knife to the knee was brilliant. I'll need to remember that if I'm ever interrogating someone.

Uisce said...

I recorded it in its regular timeslot. I guess I won't be watching this season.

Trish Ryan said...

Yay Patriots!!! I thought I was going to throw up during that game. Honestly, we've gotten spoiled, rarely seeing Brady on the ropes like that. But still, they got it done. Whooo hoooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love 24. So excited it's back. Loved the reversal of character between him and Assad, Jack is no longer the bad ass.

Unknown said...

I know Sinead! I hope they keep the Assad character for a while. They are going to be good foils for each other. Plus it's the same actor who played Bashir in Deep Space Nine, and I've always loved him.

Trish, it was a pretty intense game. But they managed to pull it off. I'll be home for the Colts game so I'm really happy about that.

Vicky said...

Okay...don't do the WHAT????!!!

... but I don't usually watch 24 - I did in the first and second season, lost interest in the third. Although, my husband made me watch it tonight - but that's besides the point. What I really had to say was... WOW!!! That is an excellent picture of Kiefer Sutherland. He looks absolutely scrumptious! ;)

Maureen McGowan said...

That bit where he stops torturing the guy because he "sees in his eyes that he doesn't know anymore" and then the other guy sticks a knife in the guys knee and he does know more.

Says everything about what's going on with Jack this season. The little lack of eye contact things too.

Oh, that's what Sinead commented about too... Should read the comments before I start commenting, I guess :-)