Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 13

Wow this is my 13th Thursday Thirteen! Hard to believe I've been participaing that long. :) In a means of celebration, here are thirteen Thursday Thirteeners I visit on a regular basis and never fail to learn something. :)

Thirteen Of Christine's Thrirteen Friends.

1. Alyssa Goodnight - I forget how I stumbled across Alyssa's blog but I'm so happy I did. It was on her site where I was first introduced to Thursday Thirteen in the first place. Thanks Alyssa!

2. Angela (Sci Fi Chick) - I think Angela was one of the first Thriteeners I visited. I love sci fi and thought it was awesome to meet another "chick" like me out there.

3. Jaci Burton - I'd read some of Jaci's books through EC and was really excited to find her blog. I've been reading her daily ever since.

4. Michelle Braden - It was so great to meet Michelle online. Fun to find another romance writer who lives on the opposite end of the country and see her struggles and her triumphs.

5. Angela James - This was my first introduction to an editor's blog. As a writer, it's important for me to see the other side of the business. Plus Angela puts up really sweet pictures of her daughter. :)

6. Joely Sue Burkhart - Joely is another writer who I find I have a lot in common with. And she is much more diligent with her editing than I am.

7. Racy Li - Kickass Ninja Smut. Enough said.

8. Colleen Gleason - I love Colleen's blog. Not only does she have cool 80s trivia, her books are awesome! I'm so happy I found her site.

9. Amy Ruttan - I didn't so much discover Amy through TT, but I know we've become great blogger buddies as a result. And even better, I've met her in person! My fingers are crossed for this book going out Amy!

10. Wylie Kinson - Wylie, Wylie. I love your name! And your TTs always make me laugh or think.

11. Vicky Krain - I promise I won't call you Victoria anymore. Another TTer who cracks me up on a daily basis.

12. Tink - Not only does she have a great name, her TTs are very cool.

13. Caylynn - She is always impressing me. How you are able to run that much I'll never know.

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